Jan MakelaJan Makela

Jan Makela has a long and successful history of making a difference wherever he has been.

Jan Makela has a long and successful history of making a difference wherever he has been. He has held a number of senior level positions in the military and private sector organizations. His background includes a solid track record of having profitably managed and grown business units, including two de novo regional offices, as well as having successfully led the turnaround of a troubled business unit.

He has worked with companies of all sizes, including start-ups, and is occasionally sought out for strategic advice by senior executives and business owners. Jan is a Gallup-Certified Strengths & Workforce Solution Consultant as well as a nationally certified trainer in behavioral-based interviewing to ensure quality hires, and a trained manager in how to get and keep quality people.

He has additional experience in building sales teams, restructuring and sales force design and has managed the operations of sales forces of greater than 600 people. Jan’s additional experience includes sales cycle management, sales forecasting, incentive compensation planning, as well as sales management training for both new and experienced managers.

In addition, Jan works with clients and discovering their strengths, he travels the country conducting seminars on a variety of topics including Human Resource Law, Employee Accountability, and Being the Manager People Won’t Leave.

Jan is a volunteer for the SCORE organization under the Small Business Administration where he mentors ‘for profit’ and non-profit small business startups or struggling organizations to flourish in their endeavors.

Utilizing his strengths and extensive business experience, Jan provides valuable guidance and insight to his clients, working purposefully to assist his clients to maximize their potential and achieve their goals in order to enjoy success and fulfillment both in their professional careers and personal lives. His specialty is strength-based leadership development with a particular focus on working with senior (CEO, COO, and CFO) and mid-level executives, business owners, and professionals. He will work with companies of any size with no specific industry focus.

His promise to his clients is:

Everyone has the ability to be great at something. The trick is finding that something. I promise I will help you find your something. Engaged employees are more productive and want to contribute to the organization’s success, which in turn leads to increased job performance and personal satisfaction.

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